Black Sabbath – Vinyl Collection Album Download

  • 1970 – PARANOID (JAPAN)
  • A1 War Pigs
    A2 Paranoid
    A3 Planet Caravan
    A4 Iron Man
    B1 Electric Funeral
    B2 Hand Of Doom
    B3 Rat Salad
    B4 Fairies Wear Boots
  • A1 Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
    A2 A National Acrobat
    A3 Fluff
    A4 Sabra Cadabra
    B1 Killing Yourself To Live
    B2 Who Are You
    B3 Looking For Today
    B4 Spiral Architect
  • 2019 – THE VINYL COLLECTION 1970-1978 (9LP + 7″ BOX, LIMITED EDITION 1075/3000, US)
  • LP1 – BLACK SABBATH (1970)
  • A1 Black Sabbath
    A2 The Wizard
    A3 Behind The Wall Of Sleep
    A4 N.I.B
    B1 Wicked World
    B2 Sleeping Village
    B3 Warning
  • LP2 – PARANOID (1971)
  • C1 War Pigs/Luke’s Wall
    C2 Paranoid
    C3 Planet Caravan
    C4 Iron Man
    D1 Electric Funeral
    D2 Hand Of Doom
    D3 Rat Salad
    D4 Fairies Wear Boots
  • LP3 – MASTER OF REALITY (1971)
  • A1 Sweet Leaf
    E2 After Forever (Including The Elegy)
    E3 Embryo
    E4 Children Of The Grave
    F1 Orchid
    F2 Lord Of This World
    F3 Solitude
    F4 Into The Void
  • LP4 – VOL 4 (1972)
  • A1 Wheels Of Confusion
    G2 Tomorrows Dream
    G3 Changes
    G4 FX
    G5 Supernaut
    H1 Snowblind
    H2 Conucopia
    H3 Laguna Sunrise
    H4 St. Vitus Dance
    H5 Under The Sun

    I1 Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
    I2 A National Acrobat
    I3 Fluff
    I4 Sabbra Cadabra
    J1 Killing Yourself To Live
    J2 Who Are You
    J3 Looking For Today
    J4 Spiral Architect

  • LP6 – SABOTAGE (1975)
  • K1 Hole In The Sky
    K2 Don’t Start (Too Late)
    K3 Symptom Of The Universe
    K4 Megalomania
    L1 Thrill Of It All
    L2 Supertzar
    L3 Am I Going Insane (Radio)
    L4 The Writ
  • (1976)M1 Back Street Kids
    M2 You Won’t Change Me
    M3 It’s Alright
    M4 Gypsy
    N1 All Moving Parts (Stand Still)
    N2 Rock ‘N’ Roll Doctor
    N3 She’s Gone
    N4 Dirty Women
  • LP8 – NEVER SAY DIE! (1978
    O1 Never Say Die
    O2 Johnny Blade
    O3 Junior’s Eyes
    O4 A Hard Road
    P1 Shock Wave
    P2 Air Dance
    P3 Over To You
    P4 Breakout
    P5 Swinging The Chain

    Q1 Evil Woman (Don’t Play Your Games With Me)
    Q2 Wicked World
    Q3 The Wizard
    Q4 Iron Man (Edit)
    R1 Paranoid
    R2 Into The Void (Edit)
    R3 Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath (Edit)
    R4 It’s Alright
    R5 Radio Spot For Black Sabbath Album

  • SINGLE 7” – EVIL WOMAN (1970)
    S Evil Woman
    T Wicked World

Black Sabbath – Vinyl Collection Album Download

  • ARTIST: Black Sabbath
  •  ALBUM / TITLE: Vinyl Collection
  •  RELEASE YEAR / DATE: 1970-1978
  •  COUNTRY: United Kingdom
  •  STYLE: Hard Rock
  •  LABEL: Rhino Records, Philips, Spiegelei
  •  FILE FORMAT: WavPack (image+.cue) 32 bit, 192 kHz

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